Knowledge Into Action: Development Process

Learning CycleKnowledge has little value unless we transfer what we learn into meaningful workplace actions and performance improvement.

Our blended learning process is designed around the four important stages involving assessment, learning, application and review.

The process begins with a baseline assessment of learning needs and an individual’s current level of knowledge in the relevant skill.

Based on the US educational theorist David Kolb’s work, here’s our learning cycle.

As part of the assessment process, a dashboard is provided, containing all the relevant resources to assist you, learners and organisations to identify the soft skills most relevant to immediate and future business development needs.


Our Skillogy PERFORM® development process uses the highly practical and effective 70:20:10 learning model, whereby:

  • 70% of learning is gained through on the job experience
  • 20% comes from social learning with colleagues
  • 10% through formal learning, such as online courses or classroom training

To facilitate this our online modules, tutorials and resources are designed around microlearning techniques, where sufficient, relevant knowledge is presented within our course player to provide learners with an understanding of the skills and abilities involved. Implementation guides provide action points to support application and practice of the skill within the context of role and responsibilities.

Blended Learning

Social learning provides an important component in the development process and Skillogy PERFORM® actively promotes this through peer-to-peer learning cohorts: small group support for discussion of application and ideas, as well as access to online skill forums. These open forums connect learners to a global learning population, all studying the same skill modules. These open forums allow individuals to share issues and ideas any time, anywhere, any day of the week.


Put your knowledge to the test

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