Performance Criteria

Builds performance

Skillogy PERFORM® has one overall aim – to effectively build and grow individual and organisational performance. Transferable soft skills are relatable to all roles, regardless of business, market, organisation or sector. Soft skills provide the means for us to build on our technical and professional knowledge through the application of key behavioural, inter-personal and process abilities. It is these soft skills that enable us to make an effective contribution, manage work processes and achieve the desired results, by improving our level of competence and learning, we can work at a consistently higher level of performance.

Cost Effective

Skillogy PERFORM® is a highly cost effective means of delivering soft skills development through blended learning solutions and is the only known model that provides such a comprehensive and detailed review of the abilities of management and leadership.

  • The model relates the abilities of management and leadership to assessment and action planning.
  • The model relates the tutorials and action plans to the management standards of the leading qualification agencies and recognised competency frameworks.
  • The model provides a comprehensive range of reference, investigative and diagnostic resources.

Skillogy PERFORM® combines online learning with topical, relevant, research-based knowledge, using implementation guides and resources to aid work-based application and performance improvement.

Flexible and Customisable

Skillogy PERFORM® is a leader-manager development model that provides flexible and customisable training delivery and support worldwide.

Our Skillogy International team has been delivering soft skill development for the past 20 years. During this time, some 150,000 learners have accessed the courses through corporations, globally, as well as parastatal organisations, especially in developing countries where the need to build skill capacity is a high priority in terms of their socio-economic strategy.

The ability development model involves 28 soft skills comprising 220 course tutorials. Each course has been designed around the principles of Kolb’s Learning Cycle where the emphasis is on transferring knowledge gained into tangible, work-based actions. Each course can be customised to meet specific needs.

Our courses are delivered in a blended learning format from the Skillogy CAMPUS® Virtual Learning Environment and are further supported by a comprehensive library of resources delivered through a network of accredited consultants and coaches worldwide. We also offer options for organisations to purchase an annual or three-year licence to deliver the courses through their own in-house training specialists.

“The response to the Skillogy PERFORM® ‘Emotional Intelligence’ online course module from our management team has been exceptional. In addition to outstanding content, Skillogy’s approach in combining face to face and virtual coaching from industry experts has proven highly effective in reinforcing behavior and building confidence in each team member.”

Todd Skokan

President and CEO, BirdDog, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Driving Performance

Outstanding outcomes for focused soft skill development.

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