Knowledge Into Action: Delivery Process

Leadership mastery is not achieved by accident. It takes a step-by-step approach, building from basics, learning from experience and lots of practice. There are no short cuts or quick fixes, yet when approached in the right way, it is neither difficult nor complex.

Our delivery process is commonly referred to today as ’blended’, which simply means a mix of delivery formats designed to suit your specific learner and organisational needs. This format can be a self-managed to fully supported learning, depending on what your business needs.

At the centre of our Skillogy PERFORM® delivery process is Skillogy CAMPUS® – a Moodle learning management system or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which powers the learner interface to courses, resources and communication activity, as well as the administrative and reporting functions associated with the learning. This aspect of our process delivery is provided to you for free by our Skillogy International team.


Skillogy CAMPUS


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