Knowledge Into Action: Objectives and Return on Investment

Our Skillogy PERFORM® learning and delivery process is designed around an outcomes-based approach. This means that we require you to understand the business reason for implementing a Skillogy learning programme and be able to state the key measurable business objectives from the very start.

To aid the diagnostic process, the Core Ability Model is constructed around 28 performance clusters, which aid in the identification of those skills, which are most relevant to meeting a specific development need. This provides a strong foundation for identifying the most relevant soft skills and aiding the first steps in setting objectives and ROI metrics. The clusters are shown in our Leader-Manager Development Framework.

Skillogy PERFORM® ROI Approach

ROI Approach

The Skillogy PERFORM® ROI approach above shows how each of the development and delivery components work together to:

  • Set the objectives
  • Plan the development programme
  • Provide the diagnostic tools
  • Identify the relevant skill development needs
  • Assign course tutorials and resources
  • Monitor and track progress and changes
  • Collate the data for the metrics
  • Calculate TROI and performance ROI

In this way ROI metrics are integral to the successful completion of a soft skill module or series of modules.

Have a look at our case study that illustrates how the development and delivery process works in practice.


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