Support Network: Global Resources

Skillogy PERFORM® provides micro learning of best global practice with local support to transform knowledge into practical working solutions that will have measurable success to your business.

We know learning alone is not sufficient and we provide adaptable and responsive techniques to ensure your investment delivers results.

We are all unique and our requirements in leader-manager role development differ from person to person, organisation to organisation and region to region. Harnessing the impact of expert, proven coaching, facilitation and training support ensures that learning is adopted across language, cultural and personal differences in abilities and attitudes. Our goal is to convert new knowledge into tangible, work-based actions, using implementation guides, activity logs and development plans and review and measure consequent changes – and that is exactly what Skillogy PERFORM® delivers.

We have a global network of qualified and experienced coaches, facilitators and trainers that have been accredited to deliver and support the Skillogy PERFORM® ability model. Programmes are mainly delivered in English but courseware can be adapted to accommodate dual language delivery, where required.

Global Support Network
Global Support Map

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