Support Network: Skillogy PERFORM® Soft Skills Forums

Skillogy PERFORM® soft skill forums are designed to provide learners with an opportunity to enhance their skills in the modules they are undertaking, through discussion with learners in a similar position.

You’ll find a forum for each of the 28 soft skill modules in the Core Ability Model. Every learner in our Skillogy PERFORM® can benefit:

  • As a group formation and bonding opportunity at the commencement of a course module.
  • In providing coaches, facilitators and trainers to post questions and ask for comments on topical issues relating to leader-manager development etc.
  • For mutual support and collaborative learning where course participants are located in geographically dispersed regions of the world.
  • For exchanging ideas, thoughts and suggestions on the application of knowledge into day-to-day activities.

Login access is provided through a learner’s personal learning environment within Skillogy CAMPUS®.


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