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‘Skillogy’ began with a question…

Back in the early 1980s Mike Bolam was a sought after HR professional working within global multi-nationals and non-governmental organisations across diverse sectors around the world. Common to all the organisations he encountered it occurred to Mike that, more often than not, a piece of the people puzzle was missing and he always ended up asking the same question…

Where was the leadership?

Where were the people with the right skills needed to develop and grow sustainable and profitable businesses and why was there a consistently damaging ‘gap’ in the management mindset?

Working with Fortune 500 corporations in Europe during the 80s and early 90s, Mike found himself frustrated by this question again and again, as he encountered managers and teams struggling with ineffective planning and damaging underperformance.

The answer was not a technical skill issue. These were smart people.

Yet, be it sales, engineering, manufacturing, technology, law enforcement, finance or marketing there was a fundamental gap in understanding. That’s probably when the thunderbolt stuck. The challenge wasn’t around the products, services or technical capabilities, as had so often been thought, the issue lay in a lack of soft skills.

This soft skills gap continually exposed a damaging lack of self-efficiency, effective management and motivation in teams, that repeatedly created vulnerabilities around the planning and processing of day-to-day activities and production of results across:

  • Ideas generation and change
  • Decision-making and problem solving
  • Handling information and communication
  • Objective setting and delegation
  • Priority and time management

The key to solving these issues would be to understand what relevant skills were needed to unlock an individual’s soft skills abilities and potential and build an effective framework to support people’s knowledge discovery, which would convert this development into practical learning and application. But, where to begin?  Another question…

So, what was the answer?

In 1995, Mike got together a small experienced team of academics and researchers, including the academic and productivity specialist James Noon to assess all past and current research and create a straightforward, highly effective resource for learning. A model of abilities was established, based around some 250 inter-related characteristics and traits, which directly impacted on individual performance in the workplace. Today, this Ability Model forms the core of Skillogy PERFORM® – the tool to develop all the right skills to do a great job.

Read more about The Ability Model the core of Skillogy PERFORM®.

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