Why Skillogy?

“The response to the Skillogy PERFORM® ‘Emotional Intelligence’ online course module from our management team has been exceptional. In addition to outstanding content, Skillogy’s approach in combining face to face and virtual coaching from industry experts has proven highly effective in reinforcing behavior and building confidence in each team member.”

Todd Skokan

President and CEO, BirdDog, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Creating critical advantage for your business – bridging the soft skills gap

Leaving your business vulnerable and individuals in your team often struggling with challenging, fast moving situations, have you spotted a soft skills gap?

Skillogy PERFORM® is the smarter, simpler approach to highly effective soft skill development and we have had plenty of practice over the past twenty years, with in excess of 150,000 learners accessing our course tutorials. From programmes that have developed Ethiopian ex-freedom fighters into senior police officers to developing production line leaders in the food manufacturing industry.

Creating smart, emotionally intelligent managers and leaders is crucial to the long-term success of any business or organisation, yet, very often there is a gap in people’s skills that prevent joined-up thinking and effective action.

Skillogy PERFORM® gives you the ability to realise and harness your people’s full potential, as they react to changing markets and sectors and develop the ability to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to use
  • Cost-effective and globally available

A highly successful structure of integrated learning ‘clusters’, Skillogy PERFORM® is used across diverse industries and cultures around the world to develop individuals’ and teams’ soft skills with measurable outcomes and robust, organisation-wide results.

Our research-based model is centred on 250 characteristics that provide a valuable resource of the key soft skills to develop highly effective leader-managers.

Read about the history and growth of Skillogy PERFORM® and why it is such a powerful force for business.

Take a look at some of our Skillogy PERFORM® case studiesGet in touch with us to talk about the soft skills you’re looking for and how we can help develop your team’s potential and profitability for a smarter, better business.

Skillogy PERFORM®
The Process

Baseline assessment of knowledge and soft skill development plan
Assignment of relevant online soft skill modules and topical resources
Conversion of knowledge into practical work-based actions and activity logs
Supporting behavioural change and progress by coaching and facilitation
Reviewing outcomes in line with objectives and return on investment metrics

Global Support Network and Skill Communities

The development of soft skills using our Leader-Manager Development Framework is supported by a global network of qualified coaches, facilitators and learning specialists, giving you access to a wealth of skill communities and wider resources.


Skillogy CAMPUS®

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